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Shoulder support brace

TMT Med-Source’s major range of neck facilitates and tooth braces speed up the treatment of neck accidents and prevent further harm. Our manufacturers consist of quality as well as style. These two together bring the best styles and components in this Shoulder support brace. All are marked by Alex.

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Omega Hospital

Omega is a super specialty hospital where a competent team of specialists and sophisticated technology come together to deliver high-quality medical aid.

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Medipark |Best Multispeciality Hospital in Patna |Best Hospital in Patna

MediPark is a best private hospital that serves the communities with compassionate health care delivery model and is home to expert doctors from various fields. The patient’s wellness is the foremost concern of the doctors and nurses, who work with a vision to establish a healthy and blooming community. The premier multispecialty hospital in Patna has been the pioneer in delivering innovative health care services to the ailing patients. MediPark also offers free check-ups for pregnant ladies and provide various health care packages at an affordable price. The hospital is located in Patna, Bihar and has been one of the best private hospitals in Patna for the last two years.

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Intensive Treatment New Rochelle

Visit Nick Roselli Occupational Therapy for manual therapy, hand therapy and occupational therapy programs. Our serving areas are Bronx, Manhasset, Fresh Meadows, New Rochelle, Manhattan and Queens NY.

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